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Appendix B - Files in the VRC Folder

After your first session with VRC, your installation folder will contain some or all of the files listed below. As of VRC 1.2.4, some of these files will be stored in your "My Documents\VRC" folder.

VRC.exe The main program executable file.
VRC.ini The VRC configuration file. All profile data is stored here.
VRC_EULA.txt The VRC End-User License Agreement. This is the agreement you accepted prior to installing VRC.
VRC_sector_parse_results.txt This text file is generated whenever you load a sector file in VRC. It contains a summary of the data parsed from the sector file, along with any erroneous lines that were encountered.
servers.txt This file serves as a cache of the server list downloaded from the network.
Uninstall.exe The VRC uninstaller.
Sounds (Folder) This folder will contain the default VRC sound set, if you elected to install it.

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