VRC Documentation

Below you will find links to various VRC documentation options. If you are an experienced controller and would just like to get a feel for VRC, start with the Quick-Start Guide. The Quick-Start Guide covers the general concepts of how to start, configure and operate VRC. It also includes a brief explanation of the differences between ASRC and VRC. For a detailed description of all VRC features, read the User Manual. Finally, all users are encouraged to read and print the Command Reference.

English Documentation: (Updated for version 1.2)

Non-English Documentation: (Version 1.2)

  Arabic: Observer's Guide
Italian: Command Reference / User Manual
Chinese: VATPRC Site

Non-English Documentation: (Version 1.1)

Italian: Command Reference
Spanish: Quick-Start Guide / User Manual

Non-English Documentation: (Version 1.0)

  Arabic: Quick-Start Guide / Observer's Guide
Catalan: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Chinese: Quick-Start Guide / User Manual
Croatian: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Finnish: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
French: Quick-Start Guide / User Manual
German: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Greek: Quick-Start Guide
Hebrew: Quick-Start Guide
Polish: Quick-Start Guide
Portuguese: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference
Spanish: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference / User Manual
Italian: Quick-Start Guide / Command Reference

If, after reading the documentation, you still have a question about installing, configuring or using VRC, please post your message in the VRC Support Forum on the VATSIM website.

Many thanks to Ruth McTighe for the Observer's Guide and to all those who provided translations!

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