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Appendix C - Contents of a Profile

All of your profiles and their individual settings are stored in the VRC.ini file which is installed in the main installation directory you chose when installing VRC. Following is a summary of the data included in a profile:

  • All options found on the General Settings window.
  • The last-used ATISMaker template, ICAO code and runway list.
  • All color selections.
  • All sound assignments and whether or not sounds are active.
  • Current audio device selections and volume levels.
  • The last microphone calibration results.
  • The size and position of all tool windows.
  • Any separators placed in the Flight Strip Bay.
  • Bookmarks for the Primary Display.
  • All defined entries in the Comms Panel.
  • All fields from the Connect Window. (Callsign, rating, etc.)
  • The size (in lines) of the radio history area.
  • All weather stations being monitored in the weather panel.

For each Display Window, the following items are stored:

  • The currently-loaded sector file.
  • The selected radar mode.
  • All toggles on the View menu.
  • All visible diagrams.
  • The size and position on the screen.
  • The center point of the scope.
  • The zoom level of the scope.
  • The center point for the range rings.

The following items are not stored in the profile:

  • The location and size of chat windows. (These are stored globally in the Windows Registry.)
  • Configured visibility centers.

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