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"Tagging-up" an Aircraft

When using the DSR, ARTS or VRC radar modes, aircraft normally start out with a limited data block. (LDB) The LDB shows the minimum information about a target, such as squawk code and altitude. In order to see more information about the aircraft, you need to switch to a full data block, or FDB. This is called "tagging-up" the target. It can be done manually or automatically depending on the situation.

To manually tag-up an aircraft, press F1, then slew the target. (Click on it.) You can also use your ASEL key after pressing F1 if you already have the aircraft selected. See "Selecting Aircraft" for details on selecting aircraft.

There are two situations in which aircraft will automatically tag-up. The first is if they depart a field that you have listed in your departure fields. (See "Configuring VRC" for details.) The other way is by assigning a squawk code to the aircraft. Once the aircraft switches to the assigned squawk code, it will automatically tag-up.

Note that you can reposition an aircraft's datablock by clicking and dragging it.

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